Sunday, May 17, 2009

Better late than never, right???

So, it's been awhile... School got busy, and I got lazy. What can I say?
I'm now at 31 books for the year. 23-31 are listed below.
23. In the Woods (Pretty good)
24. The Lightning Thief
25. The Graveyard Book (Very, very good)
26. Sold (Really sad, but an easy, quick, good read)
27. Stardust
28. Jellicoe Road (Excellent)
29. ttfn (Stupid... I read it while I was confined to bed b/c of a severe kidney infection)
30. The Sea of Monsters
31. Breaking Dawn (Yeah, I reread it. I don't get what so many people hate about it, because I love it!)

I've kind of been in a reading dry spell lately. The weather's been pretty good for the most part, which makes it hard for me to focus on reading. I'm reading The Titan's Curse right now, and I'll probably finish it soon.

School's out Thursday, and I can't wait. I'm so ready for summer!

Speaking of school being out, my youngest sister, Jetta, graduated today. All of our family came to my parents' house before & after, and we had a blast, as usual. It's always great to see everyone, and we always have fun when we're together. I took a lot of pictures, and some of the best ones are below.

Before graduation began, the whole Senior class was having their picture taken. We kept yelling for Jetta to turn, and she did. I think the picture's pretty funny...

Jetta, Cory, & me

Case, Jetta, & Hayden

So for this next picture, some explanation is required. My grandma smokes like a chimney. We love her, but she does. We were waiting for her to come to the back yard so that we could take her picture w/ my mom & my Aunt Pam. They got tired of waiting, so they started smoking (don't worry, they were only "smoking" sticks:))...

And finally, my whole family :)

If you're reading this, I hope you have a good week. For me, Friday can't come fast enough!


  1. Great pics Blair! Can you say DIET? We had a fun day didn't we? Love, Aunt Pam

  2. Hi your post...I always have a fun time with you guys...we need to get together more often, especially this summer!!! love ya-T

  3. Hi Blair!
    Good to see you this weekend. Hope your week goes fast!